Dragon’s Den

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I’m pretty addicted to this British TV show. It gives me a lot of motivation to move on as an entrepreneur.

When is it about?
It is about 5 wealthy investors using their own money to invest in new entrepreneurs. The new entrepreneurs will present their business ideas, hoping that the dragons will invest their money, time and experience in helping them to realize their dreams.

Below is one of the video which I find it pretty interesting. You can find more on youtube. Enjoy!



Work Hard Play Hard

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Exam period? The following are my study tips. Hope it improves your efficiency and eventually your grades 🙂

1. Start Early

Never start too late – like 1 week before exams. Plan your study time schedule and make sure you have sufficient time to finish your syllabus.

2. Find Your Absorption Time

Different people have different timing to study. I personally prefer to study from 8pm to 2am because this is the period where i can absorb the most.

3. Take Quick Breaks

For every hour you study, take a 5 minutes break. It will improve your concentration and it is scientifically proven. It may differ from people to people and i personally take a break whenever i feel i’m not absorbing as well.

4. Quick Naps

If you feel tired or drained, take a quick nap. No point studying when your brain is not working at 100% efficiency.

5. Last Minute Can Be Good

For subjects that require a lot of memory work (history, geography, science), it is good to have a last minute scan through before going into the exam room. It will improve your recall ability.

Academic vs Capability

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I was chatting with my girlfriend on the phone last night and somehow this topic became the central of our conversation. From our point of view, being good in academic doesn’t mean you are capable. A quick look through the society, you will see many successful entrepreneurs that made it without achieving much academic successes.

To those people who’re not achieving good grades in the academic area, please don’t be disheartened. I know (and heard) there are many people in my school who have achieved fantastic grades/GPA, president of this and that… but when it comes to do the REAL WORK, they display all their weaknesses.

However, the reality is that headhunters are only looking for students with good GPA and are president of their CCA or clubs. To be fair, some of them are indeed capable. To be honest, most of them are weak.

To non-tertiary students, your job is to build foundation for your tertiary education. It is good to have an ambition in life but try not to dream so far and affect your academic grades. The foundation matters!

To tertiary students, you have a couple of years to go before entering the work society. Wake up and look at the world realistically. You may be able to smoke your way through the interview, but once the smoke subside, your true capability will surface.

Well, no matter what you do, just ensure that you are happy with your life.


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